Buying vs. Leasing an Audi Vehicle in Princeton, NJ

Lease a Audi in Princeton, NJ

Are you looking for your next luxury Audi vehicle? Then your next step is to consider your financial planning for an Audi car or SUV, and the experts at Audi Princeton are here to help. When you meet with the auto finance center at Audi Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey, you'll be guided through every step of the process to find a car payment plan that works for your lifestyle and needs. We can assist in valuing your current trade-in vehicle, exploring Audi specials, and answering any questions along the way. An important decision every Audi driver faces is whether they want to purchase or lease their next luxury automobile, and each option has its benefits. Review the chart below to determine which route is best for you, then call our Audi Princeton financing specialists today to schedule an appointment and take the next step.

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Benefits of Leasing vs Buying an Audi from our Princeton, NJ Audi Dealership

Ownership x
Lower Down Paymentx
Lower Monthly Paymentx
No Mileage Limit x
Vehicle Customization x
Easier Trade Inx

Buy vs. Lease an Audi  | Princeton, NJ


For drivers that seek to own their Audi car or SUV, a traditional automotive loan is likely the best route. Ownership of your vehicle grants you the freedom to drive without mileage limits, as well as the freedom to customize your beloved Audi car whichever way you see fit. You'll likely have higher down and monthly payments because you're paying towards ownership and don't have to part with your vehicle after a limited term. You're also responsible for automotive maintenance and repairs. However, you also possess the power to trade-in or sell your Audi vehicle on your own after driving it to your heart's content. To get a head start on your automotive loan, use our online tools such as the payment calculator, or apply for financing on your next loan before stepping foot on the lot at Audi Princeton in Princeton, NJ. Help us help you today.


The latest Audi models always receive updates with the greatest in safety and technology features. That's why an auto lease is a great option to consider; its flexibility allows drivers to upgrade to the latest models available after their lease term. You also have the option to end the lease outright or purchase your leased vehicle for a discounted price when the term ends. Payments for a lease, both down and monthly, are usually lower than a traditional loan. This benefit allows you to either lease a flashier model or keep those extra dollars in your wallet. You also receive regular maintenance coverage with your lease, meaning you don't have to worry about shelling out more for necessary service check-ups. If you accept driving a car under a set mileage limit without full ownership, then start exploring the potential of an Audi lease. Contact Audi Princeton in Princeton, NJ, to learn more about our custom auto leases.


Choose the Right Audi Financing for You

Whether you're looking for a comfortable commute selection or a ride that the whole family will love, Audi Princeton is ready and excited to help you achieve your goals. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts at our auto finance center will guide you through all of the tools necessary for you to make the best decision for you. Visit our full-service dealership today to get started with the car shopping process in Princeton, NJ.

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