Executive Car Allowance Program

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The Executive Car Allowance Program

Audi of Princeton is pleased to an announce an excellent opportunity for executives/top managers who receive an employer provided vehicle allowance to purchase a new Audi vehicle for the same savings and benefits as qualified Audi Fleet Customers.

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  • 8% off MSRP on  2020 A3 & S3 Sedan, A4 & S4 Sedan, A5 & S5, A6 & S6 Sedan, A7 & S7, A8 & S8, Q3, Q5 & SQ5, Q7.
  • Executives and managers who receive a car allowance or stipend as a portion of their employment compensation.*

  • *Program Customer must have a vehicle allowance of $350 per month or more clearly stated on their pay stub OR a signed employment contract stating a vehicle allowance. Each customer only qualified for one Executive Allowance discount and cannot reapply until 1st vehicle lease period has ended or vehicle is being traded in. Employees of automotive dealers who receive a fixed car allowance DO NOT qualify for the EAP. Offer expires July 31, 2020.