2020 Audi Q5 TFSI e
Gets Efficient Boost with Plug-In Hybrid
  • TFSI®  engine paired with powerful electric motor that can balance lively driving experience and efficiency
  • EPA estimated 20-mile electric-only mode driving range can allow for many daily commutes to be completed with almost zero tailpipe emissions
  • Upcoming Audi plug-in hybrid models will carry the "TFSI e" badging

Performance and Battery
The Audi Q5 TFSI e is equipped with a turbocharged 2,0-liter four-cylinder TFSI®  engine couple with an electric motor that sits between the engine and 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission, producing a total combined system output of 362* horsepower and 369* lb-ft of torque. The pjug-in hybrid SUV performs nearly a second faster than the Audi Q5 to spring from 0-60mph at an impressive 5.0 seconds. The SUV is standard equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive with ultra®  technology.

Offered as standard equipment on Audi TFSI e models, drivers have the option to adjust engine and battery usage with three capable modes specific to the plug-in system. Hybrid mode is activated automatically using route guidance in the MMI navigation system to optimize battery power over the route to help reduce fuel consumption based on a variety of data points including speed limits, types of roads, and the latest date from onboard sensors. The SUV automatically starts in EV mode, where the car is drive exclusively using the battery as long as the driver does not press the accelerator past a variable, perceptible pressure point. In Battery Hold mode, the battery capacity is held at the current level - this is useful if the driver anticipates a need for it later on in their route.

In electric-only mode, using a 14.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, th eAudi Q5 TFSI e has a range of 20 miles that gives buyers the option to drive free of tailpipe emissions. This mode can be selected for driving scenarios when an engine might not be needed, while other modes that balance efficiency between the powertrains when selected. As a result of the TFSI® and EV powertrain state, the SUV is EPA rated at 65 MPGe.

The powertrain of the plug-in hybrid SUV is specially tuned to provide the driver the most versatile driving experience. The electric motor assists the combustion engine through the boost function to achieve a higher horsepower and torque output than the gasoline engine can achieve on its own. When the driver takes their foot off the accelerator, the TFSI® engine can deactivate and coast using the battery. The combustion engine responds quickly to acceleration if needed, and is started back ups nearly undetectably.

Predictive efficiency assist 
When the adaptive cruise control (ACC) is active, the predictive efficiency assist is designed to enhance efficiency and comfort by supporting the driver's accelerating and braking. The predictive efficiency assist adjusts the electric and conventional drive types to help ensure customers benefit from the vehicle's electric range and low gasoline consumption. If the driver is driving without ACC, a haptic signal from the active accelerator pedal and a visual signal in the cockpit and head-up display indicate the proper time to let off the accelerator to use as much kinetic energy as possible. At the same time, symbols in the cockpit indicate the reason for the reduction in speed. There are indicators for: speed limits, town signs, curves and downhill slopes, traffic circles, intersections ad highway exits.

The Audi Q5 TFSI e expands on the distinct design language of the Audi Q models to feature sporty and efficiency oriented elements. S line exterior elements, S line fading and a Black optic grille surround are standard equipped on the plug-in variant. The plug-in hybrid  iteration can be fitted with 19-inch 5-spoke-V-design contrast gray, partly polished wheels or available 20-inch 5-segment-spoke design, bu-color, partly polished wheels, both of which complete the bi-color exterior theme of the vehicle. Exclusive to the plug-in variant and SQ5, Turbo Blue and Daytona Gray color options are available to ensure the SUV stands out from competitors and underlines its sporty pretenses.

Charging and the myAudi app
The Audi Q5 TFSI e is standard equipped with a compact charging system and can be charged at any SAEJ1772 or CCS charging station. The onboard charging system includes cables for home or on the go.


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